Bulletin: Current Conditions

12 July 2024

Solar activity was low to moderate with background X-ray flux at C-class levels during the past 24 hours. Several C-class flares were observed with the largest an M1.2 on 11 July at 06:25 UT from AR3738. There are eleven sunspot regions on the visible solar disk with simple to slightly complex magnetic configurations. The solar wind speed is at background levels with speed ranging between 340-390 km/s. No Earth-directed CMEs were observed in the available imagery during the past 24-hours. There are a few filaments on the visible solar disk that appear to be unstable and will be monitored for any potential lift-offs. Geomagnetic activity was at quiet levels (Kp 1-2). Local HF working frequencies are near monthly predicted values.

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Daily Conditions

Date and Time (UT)foF2 (MHz)hmF2 (km)T indexAp
Hermanus2024-07-13 02:153.100278.090158
Planetary Ap2024-07-13 01:341


Predicted SANSA monthly T-Index for July 2024: 96