Bulletin: Current Conditions

03 October 2022

Solar activity is high with background X-ray flux at C-class levels. There were a few M-class flares observed and an X1.0 flare at 02/20:15, that was associated with a coronal mass ejection (CME). There was another CME associated with the filament eruption in the south-eastern parts of the solar disc around 23:40 UT. Further analysis on both CMEs will done to determine if there is any Earth-directed component. There are eight sunspot regions on the visible solar disk showing simple to complex magnetic configurations. The solar wind speed is elevated above background levels with speed ranging between 500-570 km/s due to the ongoing effect of the high speed stream (HSS) from coronal hole 28 (CH28). No further Earth-directed CMEs were observed during the past 24 hours in the available imagery. Geomagnetic activity is mostly at quiet levels with a period of unsettled and active. An isolated interval of a G1/Minor storm observed at 02/21:00-00:00 UT. Local HF working frequencies are near monthly predicted values.

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Daily Conditions

Date and Time (UT)foF2 (MHz)hmF2 (km)T indexAp
Grahamstown2022-10-03 17:008.350291.81488
Hermanus2022-10-03 17:009.100274.25692
Planetary Ap2022-10-03 16:3420


Predicted SANSA monthly T-Index for October 2022: 53