Bulletin: Current Conditions

09 December 2021

Solar activity is low with background X-ray flux below B-class levels with occasional B-class flaring. There is one active region (AR2904) with simple magnetic complexity and multiple filaments visible on the solar disk. A CME observed on the 3rd of December missed Earth yesterday (07 December). No Earth-directed CMEs were observed in the past 24 hours. The solar wind speed is slightly elevated above background levels with speed ranging between 410 - 480 km/s. Geomagnetic activity is at quiet levels with isolated unsettled interval. Local HF working frequencies are near monthly average predicted values.

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Daily Conditions

Date and Time (UT)foF2 (MHz)hmF2 (km)T indexAp
Grahamstown2021-12-09 00:003.550322.54315
Hermanus2021-12-09 00:003.350302.975-10
Planetary Ap2021-12-08 23:345


Predicted SANSA monthly T-Index for December 2021: -5