Bulletin: Current Conditions

02 February 2023

Solar activity is low with background X-ray flux at upper B-class levels. A few C-class flares were observed during the past 24-hours, with the largest being a C5.8 observed at 01/22:49 UT from AR3204. There are five sunspot regions (AR3201, AR3204, AR3206, AR3207 and AR3208) on the visible solar disk showing simple magnetic configurations. There are a few large filaments on the visible solar disk that show movement and will be monitored for any possible lift-offs. Solar wind speed is slightly elevated above background levels with speed ranging between 420-440 km/s due to the onset of a high-speed stream (HSS) from coronal hole 73 (CH73). Geomagnetic conditions are at quiet to unsettled levels, with an isolated active interval. Local HF working frequencies are near monthly predicted values.

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