Daily Forecast

DATE: 23 Sept 2021, composed at 08:58 SAST

CURRENT CONDITIONS: Solar activity is low to moderate with background X-ray flux at B-class levels. An M-class x-ray flares has been observed on 23 September from active region AR2871. The solar wind speed is near background levels with speeds ranging between 350 - 385 km/s. Geomagnetic conditions are at quiet. Local HF working frequencies are near monthly average predicted values.


OUTLOOK: Solar activity is expected to remain low to moderate with background X-ray flux at B-class levels. There are several active regions visible on the solar disk with simple to moderate magnetic configurations, and a chance of C and M-class flaring activity expected from AR2871 or AR2873. The solar wind speed is expected to continue increasing slowly above background levels due to ongoing influence from coronal holes 02 and 04 (CH02 and CH04) high speed stream. An enhancement of the solar wind speed is anticipated today 23 September, from a possible weak CME and coronal hole 03 (CH03). Geomagnetic conditions are expected to be quiet to unsettled levels with isolated active intervals. A small chance of minor (G1) geomagnetic storm is expected.


3-Day Predictions

Se (WCI)23284
T-Index30 to 105/4130 to 105/4330 to 105/9
Magnetic ConditionsQuiet to UnsettledUnsettled to ActiveQuiet to Unsettled
SA HF Commsfairfairfair
SW Fadeoutsunlikelyunlikelyunlikely