Daily Forecast

DATE: 25 Mar 2019, composed at 08:33 SAST

CURRENT CONDITIONS: Solar activity is low with background X-ray flux at lower B-class levels. The solar wind speed is at background levels with speeds between 300 km/s - 320 km/s. Geomagnetic conditions are at quiet levels. Local HF working frequencies are near monthly average predicted values.


OUTLOOK: Solar activity is expected to be low with background X-ray flux at lower B-class levels. There are no sunspots on the visible side of the Sun, no solar activity is expected. The solar wind speed is expected to remain at background levels during the next 24 hours. A high speed stream from coronal hole 93 (CH93) is expected to reach Earth by 27 March, geomagnetic conditions are then expected to be quiet to unsettled with a chance of active.

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: HF Communications.

3-Day Predictions

Se (WCI)1481
T-Index30 to 105/2730 to 105/1830 to 105/0
Magnetic ConditionsQuiet to UnsettledUnsettledUnsettled
SA HF Commsfairfairfair
SW Fadeoutsunlikelyunlikelyunlikely